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The Easter Diary
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"Beside the painting by Ion Stendl, THE OBJECTS represent in
fact an other aspect of the same great WHOLE that is his work.
There is no discordance between his paintings and the objects,
as these are trying to translate in the third dimension the visions
of the paintings; plus, they bring a great richness of the sugestive
expression, an augmentation of the simbolisation and expression
resources. Using fragments of the reality – objects ready-made,
manufactured, like books, photographical fragments, collage
ellements, etc. – the real information and the imaginative one are
working together in a very advantageous way.

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Especially in the case of the BOOK OBJECTS the appeal of the art
history is very frequent and is materialised in collages and quotations
of famous paintings or sculptures, especially from the Renaissance.
THE OBJECTS by Ion Stendl are dominated by the same cromatism,
regardless of their structure: cold colours, dominated by brown and
blue. (...)

The support of the art of Ion Stendl it's the ART itself. The work
of art captured in it's CLASSICAL atitude becomes the fuel of the
interiour engine, it turns into the image model for the painter."

(By Horea Avram 1998)
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